Let’s bring out those hidden spaces

Necessity is  the mother of invention. So is it of discoveries.

Discovering hidden spaces will never be a task we bother to accomplish until we are faced with a space deficiency. But to know how these unutilised and underestimated  spaces  can make some more room for your never ending list of household ‘valuables’ , will be of great help whether you have a space constraint or not. Get a few tips on expanding your rooms here.


Don’t we long for some open space?

With this ever speeding life on earth, we humans have become lifeless machines tossing ourselves from home to work and back from work to home.

It’s high time we thought of treating ourselves with some open space, to rewind, relax and find our true selves back.Accessibility of open space

All about stairs

We could never think of a duplux house but for the stairs. From ramps to elevators and escalators, stairs have ever evolved and continues to do so. Nevertheless, stairs still remain one of the most experimented elements of architecture that  continues to marvel us with their  designs.

More about stairs –Read full post


Pocket friendly ethnic decor trends..

ethnic style interior decor

Ethnic decor seems impossible but if you take care of five things that follows, you will make it! Here are five intrinsic features of ethnic decor-

Antique Furniture – Get one if your budget allows. However, if not, there is another easy option. Upholster your old rickety chairs or table with pieces of old velvet clothes that you wear no longer and there you go- custom made ethnic ottoman and sofa are ready!

Vibrant Upholstery – Yes, vibrant upholstery is what we require. But worry not, we have already taken care of this in step 1.

Colorful Walls- This is no big deal. Instead of buying neutral tans and beige, its time to go flashy- Bring in some coral red, tangerine orange and indigo blue to color one of the walls. Don’t overdo the color. It comes out tacky. Rather do one wall, borders or ceilings. The contrasting color needs to be little subtle than the dominant one.

Lavish Floors- Now, it’s time to dress the floors. You are lucky if you have a carpet. If you don’t have get one. You’ ll easily find cheaper ones in the market.

For detailed cheat sheet on ethnic decor trends, you must visit this page ” rel=”nofollow”>http://www.zingyhomes.com/latest-trends/how-give-antique-touch-your-interiors/




Swami Vivekananda International Airport- Raipur, India!

The newly designed Raipur based Swami Vivekananda airport is fabricated using extreme engineering. Well laid out overall structure and extraordinary ceiling design are the reason why it has been awarded as the Best Airport of India in Non- Metro category.

Here are few photos from the airport designed by Professor Charanjit Shah.

Swami Vivekananda airport when viewed at night. Designed by Architect Prof. Charanjit Shah

The interiors of Swami Vivekananda airport


View his profile here to check out more airport photos.

Terrace with a spectacular view…

When the house lies deep down in the countryside or within the folds of mountains ranges, the natural aura automatically gets weaved in. For instance,  this spacious bungalow stretched across vast acres of land is a bliss in itself. The architecture, layout and design everything has been catered well as per clients needs.


A brief glimpse of terrace area with floors polished in quality wood. And not to mention, the roof takes up modern hut style, giving the house a very country look. To view more photos from the swanky bungalow, visit http://goo.gl/7ok4ng

A perfect pool deck!

About 1/3rd of the effort spent indoors can be given to the outdoors, if you are a outdoor person who tend to get lost in the vagaries of nature.

The question is, where to find the inspiration? Hiring an architect or interior designer seems the most obvious option, but what if your budget does not permit?


The pool deck when viewed from the Bedroom.

Click on the link to view more outdoor seating and landscape design ideas.Unique House Landscape Design Ideas 

Decorating your 1 BHK apartment……

If you stay at a 1 BHK flat, no one other than you knows better how hard it is to live through it. Spatial complexities, storage problems and lack of decor ideas are commonplace;but in any case, you cannot escape the reality.

Living Room of a 1 BHK flat

View of the Living Room in a 1 BHK flat

Decorating the apartment can be a challenge but  clever ideas, proper planning and practical approach may abate your task to a simple one. Here are few things you need to take care of-

1. Paint the walls in lighter shades. Soft palettes gives an illusion of openness.

2. Install large mirrors everywhere to nullify the feeling of lack of space.

3. Take advantage of walls. Go for built in wall -storage racks.

4. Opt for minimalist furniture.